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Channel Partner Program

Navita works in partnership with system integrators to deliver the best combination of Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) projects to its customers: the best management software added to the best service.

Every Navita partner is qualified to guarantee the quality in the operation of our software. While focusing on ensuring the seamless operation of Navita Connect in the cloud, our channel partner looks after customer relationship closely, always seeking to deliver results that help improve corporate efficiency.

Navita Connect is a platform that was developed to be used by system integrators. Your cloud environment has specific features that allows you to manage multiple clients with ease.

  • Multi-tenant – Navita’s partner has all of its customers under its umbrella and can manage multiple environments from only one.
  • Multi-language – it has become easy to serve multinational clients or collaborate with other companies from other countries with other languages, as you simply choose the language and the software is changed to the selected language.

We want to do business with your company!

Get to know our program to understand if your company has the partner profile that Navita works with and contact us to show you how everything works.

Program benefits

Our channel partner program has countless benefits – all of them designed to make your company a specialist in corporate mobility.

We offer from business benefits such as cooperative marketing, lead generation, business referrals to technical proposal models and complete training, in person or via access to our Corporate University.

Our Navita Connect support team will also be at your partner’s disposal to make sure everything works well. The pre-sales team will be able to assist you in important RFP or prospects until your team is 100% capable to perform these tasks. The table below summarizes the benefits our partners have access to after signing a partnership agreement with Navita:


How our channel partners achieve results

The main question to answer in a partnership process is “how do we make money together?” and the image below summarizes how well our partners generate value for their companies:


Navita at the back office

Our partners’ clients are safe when hiring them, since they know that Navita will be together throughout the project and operation time. Soon after signing the partnership agreement, the partner company receives a lot of knowledge through the process of “on boarding”, which is a training and preparation project of the partner’s unique environment. It will have our best experts available to guide through the entire preparation process.

This process begins by receiving the “welcome kit”, with marketing materials, access passwords and other information relevant to access and operation of the system then the team receives in-person training, access to the Navita Corporate University and joint deployment of the first clients.

The Corporate University is a continuous training and updating program that uses a specific e-learning platform in which hundreds of videos with exclusive contents are available to improve the professionals’ technical knowledge. Through this tool our partners learn how to operate the software and perform other mobile and telecom device management processes such as phone provider disputes or inventory and process update strategies.

Channel partner categories

To become a Navita channel partner, you must choose one of the categories available in the table below:


Channel partner profile we are looking for

Navita looks for profiles of specific companies that we believe are more likely to enter into partnership:


If your company has one of the profiles above, please contact us If it does not, feel free to contact us and identify together if there is synergy between our companies.