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Navita Connect

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Navita Connect is a plataform that adresses all enterprise mobility management needs on a single portal

Gestão Gastos em Telecom Gestão Dispositivos Móveis Gestão Compras e Logística

The market demands companies to be increasingly connected and with state-of-the-art communication devices. End users are more demanding with regard to quality and agility in service; and managing several resources of Telecom becomes increasingly complex.

Navita Connect was developed to make day-to-day IT and Telecom managers easier and simplify users' lives by bringing together solutions to the main problems of corporate mobility in a single tool. Through that, company managers can gain visibility into all lines, devices, invoices, departmental expenses, MDM (Mobile Device Management) configurations, tickets, contracts with phone providers, cost sharing, among other information.

For the manager, Navita Connect unifies the management of mobility resources to the end user, unifying the request and support channel.

Navita Connect ensures Mobility Lifecycle Management in 5 connected modules

Logo Connect TEM


It enables visibility over all telecommunication facilities, with a special view on the expenses in Mobile, Fixed and Data Links telephony, and proposes the implementation of processes for inventory maintenance, contracts monitoring, consumption indicators for a correct sizing of resources, expense allocation between cost centers, auditing and contestation of values with the phone providers.

Connect TEM
Connect MDM
Logo Connect MDM


With this module the manager can get all the information of the devices and perform management commands using only one platform. Connect MDM was designed to simplify the management of mobile slides, regardless of the number of MDM tools used, and give the user autonomy to perform some security commands. We want our customers to have visibility into the entire enterprise mobility lifecycle simply, objectively, and quickly.
The MDM tools already integrated in the MDM:

Logo Mobile Iron Logo AirWatch Logo Samsung Knox

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Simplifies the process of requesting devices and chips for phone providers, inventory control and backup and guarantees the quality of end-user service. The software allows the end user himself to requests devices and track the negotiations. Connect Procurement meets demands such as: purchase new devices, exchange devices, hire plans, packages, services and manageme lending, always respecting the policy of positions and benefits of the client. With that we enable greater efficiency in the flow of approval, asset management, inventory, guarantee period and lending.

Connect Procurement
Connect PABX
Logo Connect PABX


Connect PABX was developed to integrate to any PABX model available on the market. It collect CDRs in real time, does call accounting, controls traffic per routes and trunks, assuring visibity and cost allocation per extension across all units of your company.

Google Play

Logo Connect Mobile


Navita Connect mobile app enables the access to all information available on the web platform. The user can easily view his inventory information (which devices are under his name) and the detailed consumption of all lines. A manager has access to his personal consumption and to a dashboard with the data containing all costs and inventory of the lines and devices that are under his responsibility.

The app is available on the stores:
Google Play Apple Store

Connect Mobile