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Telecom Carriers Solutions

We have a lot of experience working in Partnership with Telecom Carriers.

That’s because we have been working with mobile operators since 2006, helping them manage enterprise mobility for their customers or acting as their third-level mobility support.
We are Telefónica’s official global EMM platform, and we have implemented Solutions for Telefónica´s carriers in Latin America and Europe.

We are now offering many solutions that can be packaged as White Label by telecom carriers seeking to offer value-added services.

Get to know our Solutions:

Telecom Expense Management

Navita Connect can be deployed as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) to carriers’ customers. Organizations are looking for this type of software and carriers are positioned to provide it in an easy way, because of their ongoing relationship and because it’s easy to add another product to their invoice.
We can integrate Navita TEM with the Carriers billing system to generate even more value to the solution.

Mobile Device Management

We established agreements with all the main MDM providers, and we can provide system integration between Navita Connect and MDM software, delivering the best user experience to the customer.
The end-user has access to the software and can perform some MDM tasks himself (self-service).
Navita Connect is already integrated with Airwatch, Mobile Iron and Samsung Knox (Cellwe). We have agreements with these manufacturers to deploy the complete solution to the operator, operating with aggressive discount margins.

Mobile Threat Prevention

The Mobile Threat Prevention (MTP) solution is a centralized management platform, integrated with the MDM tool, that extends security for corporate mobility.

The solution protects against the three leading vectors for attacking mobile devices (Malicious Applications, Network Attacks, Device Attacks/Exploits). The software includes Global Protection, and Advanced Detection features, that adaptively detect known and unknown malware “Zero-day” attack with protection actions, either through alarms or by performing automated control policies in the integrated MDM tool (such as quarantine policies).

Navita provides deployment services, MDM integration, and 2nd tier support, complementing the Device Management and Security portfolio.

Order and Logistics Portal

Telecom carrier can sell the Order and Logistics Portal module to their clients, improving their relationship.
We deliver services and products, packaged as an e-commerce experience, that the carrier can, in turn, offers to their customers, these can be smartphones, tablets, additional services (such as roaming), etc.
As any other Navita module, the Order and Logistics Portal can be fully customized with the carrier colors, logos, and design.